Venting Hour: My First Tattoo

    There are many of us out there that have engaged in some form of impulsive behavior whether it’s good or bad. During my journey into adulthood, I’ve had the habit of being one of those people that indulge in their impulsive thoughts. For my 18th birthday, I had my mind set on getting a nose piercing and yes I know it’s not the most conventional birthday gift a girl can ask for right. I always saw it as a way of one expressing themselves but growing up in a Caribbean household, it was seen as the sign of the devil, being  unholy, etc, etc. My plan was to go behind my parents back to get my piercing and deal with whatever punishment they had in store. What I will say their words had a lot of power and it persuaded me to ease off on getting my piercing. 

    Entering into my sophomore year of college, I became more persistent on the idea of getting a piercing and once again I was persuaded by the powerful words of my parents to ease off. A few months later I got this grand idea of getting a tattoo. Now I know there’s a lot of stigma behind getting a tattoo and seeing that it is permanent but as mentioned before I’m all about expressing oneself no matter what it is. Some people write poems or songs, I prefer body modification.

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    It took a lot of courage to talk myself into going through with it. This is something that would essentially change  people’s perception of me if they were to see I have a tattoo, but in all honesty I didn’t care. I’m a big believer in living your true self no matter how much people talk down on you because at the end of it all it’s you have a right to your own life. August 29th, 2019, was when I finally made the decision to get my first tattoo. I was hanging out with my two best friends and I had the impulsive thought to just get it that day. Thank God for their support because I would’ve never been able to do it by  myself.It was a small tattoo parlor near Jamaica Ave, I went in, described what I wanted, and signed the form agreeing to any risk that come up after getting the tattoo. 

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Seeing as the tattoo I chose was very simple, the session only lasted for about 5 minutes. The pain was bare-able and it felt as if I was being pricked by a needle over and over. After, I felt as if I was now a new person seeing as I made a very huge decision in terms of my body and my life. It was my little secret that I got to enjoy and not criticized by the judgment of my own family


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