Zine Project Attempt

Hi All! Thank you for visiting my site to take a closer look at my creating process towards the Zine project

The first step was starting out on a “blank canvas”. I searched up images that were animated and consisted of a phone in a personas hand. As mentioned I wanted to  show the “emotions” of a phone being used constantly.

Secondly I was debating on what I could do to make my idea come to life and I  decided  that instead of showing the effects of a person using their phone constantly, I would take a “comedic” approach and show the phone crying instead.

To make the phone a little more realistic, I searched up images that had a few of the social networks logos so it would be displayed as  the home screen.  I found one where the logos were all the same color scheme, so it gives it a   more “aesthetically pleasing” look


Lastly, I came up with the idea to present the phone “talking” in the midst of it ‘crying”  to add a bit more life into the image. I edited an image of a caption bubble an added the words “For Christ Sake. Put Me Down!”

Seeing as this is my first attempt creating my design for the Zine project, I’m much more excited to see what I can put together for the final creation!.

Finding My Inner CT

 Over the summer,  I decided to change my major to Communication Technology and I had no idea what to expect.

conceited template I guess

As I was looking through the descriptions for all my classes I came across CT 101 and was immediately interested in what it had to offer.

Animated GIF

 Fast forward to the first week of classes, I was struggling to wake up especially since I had to wake up for  CT 101 at 10 am.

When I stepped into York I immediately wanted to hide with all the incoming freshman’s and upperclassman wandering around.Animated GIF

As I was approaching the CT 101 class I was extremely nervous because I had no friends entering the class.


When Ryan made everyone introduce themselves to the class I was shocked.   He’s the first Professor I’ve had that wanted to get to know their students.

  When Ryan was explaining that we would be making our own memes and giphs and he decided to disrespect my ears saying giph instead of jiph while

After the first session of class I was really excited to see how creative I can be throughout the semester with the different assignments that will be given to us.